About me

My technical background is on Mathematics and Computing, which prepared me to later complete a PhD focused on Logic and Artificial Intelligence following the tradition of the automated reasoning research group at the Jilin University. Notice in China, both the full time undergraduate studies and the Ph.D. program at least last three (3) years each. During my Ph.D. training I had been active in the field of non-monotonic reasoning, accumulating a strong knowledge of logic programming, model-based diagnosis and constraint solving techniques.

After obtaining my Ph.D., I held a position in the Sun Yat-sen University, China, and then worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Software Technology, Technische Univerrsitaet Graz for the JadeX project for three (3) years, when I mainly worked on theoretical problems and applications of model-based reasoning within Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. My work in the JadeX project is to develop a system for debugging Java programs, which gives me up-to-date knowledge of formal methods and model-based software debugging.

At the end of 2005, I held a new position in the Dalian Maritime University, China, and I have been active in intelligent diagnosis, Internet and mobile computing, trusted software and automated software engineering. With time I came to realize what it mattered to me is to benefit society with my work so I decided to give more importance to the application and deployment aspects (in the sense of human-centered computing). Intelligent Environments provides to me the right balance between my skills, my aims, and the availability of inspiring challenges yet to be addressed.